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Link Lifting Services
Cranes and Gantries
Supply and Repair
Models Available:
1. Single Girder Overslung Crane
2. Double Girder Overslung Crane
3. Single Girder Underslung Crane
4. Rolling Beam Hand Cranes

Options Available:
Single Speed
Double Speed
Pendant Control
Roving Pendant Control
Radio Control
Wall Mounted Control
Limit Switches
Warning Lights
Anti Collision Units
Mobile Gantries

Jib Cranes:
SWL 50kg - 10,000kg
Overbraced or Underbraced
Floor Mounted or Wall Mounted
180° - 360° slew
Fully powered option available for smooth rotation and lifting
Knuckle Arm Jibs for awkward access

Also we are experts in crane upgrades from hand power to all power motions, free standing gantries c/w electric hoists or chain blocks.
Overhead Crane
Knuckle Arm Jib
Jib Cranes
Overhead Cranes Graphic
Overhead Crane
Overhead Crane
Knuckle Arm Jib
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